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May 2024 Parent Teacher Club Meeting Minutes




PTC Meeting Minutes


6:04 PM - Meeting Opened

6:05 PM - Principal Report- Wednesday, June 5th is the Parade of Honor, Wednesday June 12th Field Day K-2 9-10:30 AM and 3rd-5th 12:45-2:15 PM, June 11th- 5th grade recognition- big events.

State testing- can be a lot of pressure. We remind them that they are ready and able to do the test. Some students worry and we assure them that the test doesn’t determine their grade. 

Staff appreciation week- fantastic, lots of fun, lots of smiles. Students did a good job showing appreciation, felt good. Thank you for all of your hard work on that! May 17th, the RIF (Reduction In Force) meetings will happen on May 17th. Administrators found out about their positions last week, Geoff will be back here again next year. 

Staffing - teachers/grades will not be announced before June.

One parent requested the pie eating contest- PTC will fund. Geoff will consider.


6:15 - Teacher talk, 2nd grade. Mr. Lutz talked about the field trip to the Willamette Heritage Center; they really enjoyed learning more about Jason Lee and the Kalapuya Indians that they studied in class. Shared about fun things 2nd grade is going- engagement strategy. Alphabet letter focus for every day of the year (last 26 days)- today was career day…donut day is tomorrow. 3rd thing- 2nd grade writing- they start the year publishing a book and over the course of the year they put it together in a portfolio that they take home at the end of the year.


6:20 Treasurer report  - Numbers vary because some things may come in higher. The board needs to look at the budget and vote on it. Coral explained that she kept the fundraising money conservative. 


6:24 Board, voting: We have a list of positions from our Bi-laws and made a list of events and what we have to do to get it running. If we want to continue to see these events: Jog-a-thon, Bingo Night, Pancake Breakfast, Book Fair, we need more parent volunteers. The board can’t run them all.


Tonight’s voting:

Treasurer’s position open

Vice president?

Do we have anyone willing to be the treasurer? If you are interested and it doesn’t get resolved, don’t take it on, but do reach out to Amanda.

President position - Amanda voted in

Vice President - 

Secretary - would like to stay - Kendall voted in

Treasurer - 

Teacher liaison - 

Volunteer Coordinator - Jennipher voted in

We are looking for a vice president and a treasurer willing to participate in 3 events (Jog-a-thon and two evening events).

Events for next year we would like to have Chairpeople for each event. Kendall mentioned that she would be willing to be on Jog-a-thon. Clothing swap/costume swap?

Amanda talked about the PTC event timeline she shared with people. Went through all of the different events; Yearbook covers competition- for next year’s 5th graders. 

Survey for parents and staff for what PTC can do to support.

After school care, drop off line, having a community…teachers may have struggles too. Ways to bridge- what is going on in our community and what can we do to help the community's needs. Short survey- paper/pencil and/or digital. 

Parent Info T-Shirts


Englewood Forest Festival - we have a booth that two people come, but we could use more people volunteer, one hour to two hours each. Set up starts at 7:00 AM and it usually goes to 4:00 PM. 

Open to public 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Meeting adjourned 6:59 PM.