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Parent Teacher Club Minutes

PTC Meeting
Thursday, March 14th, 2024

PTC Board:
President: Amanda Parkison
Vice President: Anna Lansky
Secretary: Kendal Briggs
Treasurer: Coral Doolen
Liaison: Jeanenne Shaffner
Volunteer Coordinator: Jennipher Oajaca
Principal: Geoff Wetherell

Meeting began: 6:05pm

Ms. Nash gave Principal Report:
On April 16th, 5th graders will be going to Parish for a tour. Some teachers and Ms. Nash went to Parish for information for the field trip. 

Students are encouraged to sign up for AVID: Advancement via individual determination. It is for 6th - 12th graders. If you have questions about AVID, Ms. Nash
encourages parents to ask her questions, since her daughter did the program and she knows a lot about it. AVID helps kids learn the steps to complete harder tasks. They use check lists to help with organization. Students bring questions to groups about what they are struggling with. They take field trips to colleges and learn about different programs available. It includes college information and career information. They learn FASFA details. A lot of scholarship money comes in for those who participate in AVID. Students do not have to apply each year for AVID. Some students do struggle with the workload and do not continue the program, but AVID has a good retention rate.

Englewood has Science Literacy Night from OMSI coming up on April 12th from 5:00pm - 7:00pm. We are all excited for that.

We are wrapping up English Language Proficiency Assessments. Then 3rd grade - 5th grade will start state testing. Letters will go home to parents letting them know the exact dates that students will be testing so that parents can make sure students are rested and ready. We’ll let parents know if snack donations are needed. They are always appreciated and helpful to the students, especially around testing time.

Kindergarten Talk: Jeanenne Shaffner
The Kindergartners are at that point in the year where they are like siblings so we’re learning about getting along.
We are doing awesome stuff right now, focusing on Non-fiction with our rainforest study; specifically rainforest animals. We’re pulling facts out of the stories we’ve read. We’ve done the red-eyed tree frog, jaguar, tree sloth, and more. Each student is creating their own map and we are doing one together. It will all be turned into a book. Each student is creating their own book and they are very excited about it. They love making it and they're having a blast.

We are working on transitioning to 1st grade. We stopped doing snack, since there is no snack in 1st grade. We play it by ear considering where each student is at. Kindergarten to first grade is one of the biggest jumps so we are doing all we can to prepare our students. We will go from writing two sentences to three. We walked over to the 1st grade classroom to see what they were doing. We practiced doing up and down the stairs and talked about the new playground rules, since kindergartners are not allowed on the spinning toy.

We have 5 kindergartners signed up for next year, so tell your friends and neighbors to sign their kids up if they haven’t already. They have to be five years old by September 10th.

“I love teaching Kindergarten” - Mrs. Shaffner

Parent commented that they had volunteered in the classroom and it was very eye opening watching twenty kindergartners. The work kindergarten teachers do is very much appreciated. 

PTC President asked “how can we support teachers, especially before an impending strike?”

Mrs. Shaffner: Complete the survey that is being emailed to parents by the school district and be honest. Changes are made according to parent input. The survey asks about budget and priorities. What do you want to pull from the budget? It’s asking you to rank things in order of importance to you.
Ms. Nash: we’ve had significant budget cuts in the past and lost our licensed librarian, most IA’s, and all reading specialists. They closed schools with less than 100 kids in them. Parents demanded that the music programs continue and advocated for smaller class sizes which everyone at the meeting agreed is extremely important in order for the needs of the students to be met. If there is a strike, staff may be asked to clean the schools. There really is not a lot of time for deep cleaning during the school year.

Champions will be providing childcare during the strike for those who are enrolled. It will be at Auburn from 7:00am - 6:00pm. They won’t be teaching, but they are doing childcare. They provide breakfast and snack. It may be a good idea to sign up now.

There may be a lunch program establish during the strike (if there is a strike). More to come about that. If the strike happens, it will be mid to end of the week, after April 1st. So we will be back after spring break.

How can the PTC help teachers feel supported?
Mrs. Shaffner: I go to strike school on Saturday. There’s so much information. I’ll get back to you and let you know.

Treasurer Report:
Right now we have $18,000 in our account even after field trips. We’re ahead of last year by about $4,000.

Field Trips: Mrs. Herrell’s 3rd-5th grade life skills class will be going to Gilbert House soon.

Chuck-E-Cheese Fundraiser:
We had a good turnout and made $900 for our school. Thank you so much to all of the families who supported the event. The kids had a blast.

Traffic Safety:
A couple of parents joined the meeting to discuss traffic safety: We’ve had some scary incidents at Englewood during pick-up and drop-off.
There have been fatal accidents at other schools and this needs to be taken very seriously. No matter how much of a hurry you are in, safety comes first. A specific incident occurred recently on Nebraska St. A car was parked on the gravel lot by dumpster, blocking the view of the staff parking lot. As a parent and child walked past the dumpster they were almost hit by a truck that had been in the staff parking lot to pick up their child/children (please don’t do this). The parent in the truck was upset with those walking and the parent walking was upset with the truck driver. This is only one of many stories of dangerous incidents during pick-up and drop off.

Parents, do not park in the gravel lot by dumpster. Not only does it create dangerous blind spots, but our trash does not get picked up when cars are blocking that area. Also, do not drop off students by pulling into the staff parking lot. Let’s all do our part to take our time, pay attention and follow the rules so that we can keep everyone safe. If a parent reminds you of the rules, be courteous. We all have days where we are in a hurry, but no one wants to be responsible for something terrible happening at our school.

Ideas to enforce safety rules were discussed. Bright vests on parent volunteers, extra cones, police presence, etc. Feel free to share
suggestions with the PTC. There are 10 new stop signs being proposed for the Englewood neighborhood due to pedestrian fatalities near the school.

Thank you so much to all of our crossing guards. Most of us have witnessed cars blowing through the crosswalk while you are in it and we know it’s a stressful job sometimes.

Next meeting is Thursday, April 11th at 6:00pm
Meeting Adjourned 7:05