Morning Drop Off/Afternoon Pick Up Procedures

Loading and unloading students at the beginning and ending of each day can be busy and potentially unsafe.  In order to ensure our students arrive and leave in a safe and orderly fashion, Englewood cooperated with Transportation, the City of Salem, and Salem Police to develop and follow a transportation safety plan.  The map of the procedures is attached below.

Morning Drop-Off

Vehicle Traffic

Please drive Westbound on Nebraska street where you may drop off your child each day. In order to keep traffic moving, please pull forward. Please make sure your child is ready to exit quickly to keep the line moving.


Students and families often walk to Englewood. Please use crosswalks for safety and join the line of excited Englewood students, waiting to get in the school!

*It is policy that students should not arrive to school before 8:15 AM

After School Pick-Up

Vehicle Traffic

We try to make contact with every vehicle to ensure students leave Englewood safely.

Please drive Westbound on Nebraska street where a volunteer or staff member will ask who you are picking up. Students will be lined up in the covered area until their name is called, and then escorted to your vehicle.

In order to keep traffic moving, please pull forward.


All students will walk in line with their class to the covered area. The best location to pick up students is to meet them, with their teacher, under the covered area. This makes certain that staff members know who each child leaves with each day.


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