In this time of distance learning, it is important to continue to engage in school and maintain routines. Researchers have said for decades that children are better off when bedtimes, meal times, and etcetera do not change much whether during the school year or during breaks.

It might be tempting to relax the rules during this last 6 weeks of school. Don’t do it. You, the school or both might pay for this later. It will be much harder to reinstate rules if they go soft now. Currently, school expectations are that students attend all class meetings and complete all assigned work, (including PE and Music). Keeping the routine also means up and dressed in time for class meetings.

Try to keep a consistent as possible sleep schedule going. We have noticed and heard from kids that sleep schedules are off and kids are waking up at odd hours. A regular sleep schedule helps children fall asleep more easily. It reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Have kids go to bed and wake up at pretty much the same times as usual. Going back to school when it opens again will be much harder if the sleeping late habit takes hold. Please maintain routines.